Face of the Waters

The Face of the Waters series, which is part of the the larger “Abstract Water” project, might be my favorite body of work to date. These are all images that came to me when doing my personal version of meditating while looking at water.

While fun, playful, and cartoonish, these ever-morphing patterns made me wonder:

Are they always there? Or were they there just for that instant moment? Are they somewhere else now? Do they exist? They did exist for that split second. Just because you only see something for such a short period of time that you can barely catch it, does that mean it no longer exists?

Well, regardless of what the answers to those questions may be, I am very happy that I managed to catch these “creatures” while they were there, and in such a way that I can share them with others.

To read the artist statement for the entire Abstract Water project, click here: Cattie Coyle Photography: Water - Abstract

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