Cattie Coyle Photography | Surfing
I have always had a fascination with surfing and the whole lifestyle around it.

Surfing requires a combination of courage, strength, and being completely in tune with nature, but also a zen-like patience. When I moved to a beach community in New England, I was surprised and thrilled to see that people were surfing there almost every day, even in the middle of winter. Often it looks like there are no waves at all, but the surfers still show up. They are out there for hours on end, and it always pays off - seemingly out of nowhere, waves will appear and their long wait will be rewarded. There is something so beautiful about their dedication, I had to document it.
Waiting No. 1Waiting No. 2Waiting No. 3Waiting No. 4Waiting No. 5Waiting No. 6Waiting No. 7Waiting No. 8Surfer No. 1Surfer No. 2