Cattie Coyle Photography | Sails
I have always loved sailing and the sense of freedom it brings, and have many happy memories of lying in the sun on the deck of my parents' boat, looking up at the sails and listening to the sound of the water as we were traveling through it. So peaceful and soothing. And I was always fascinated by the pattern and optical illusions created by the seams when the sails were backlit by the sun. Those images have stayed with me over the years, and I created this series to be able to return to that peaceful place even when I’m not on a boat.
Sail No 2Sail No 3Sail No 4Sail No 5 oldSail No 15Sail No 5Sail No 6Sail No 7Sail No 8Sail No 9Sail No 10Sail No 11Sail No 12Sail No 13Sail No 1Sail No 14