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Surfing fine art prints

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I have always had a fascination with surfing and the whole lifestyle around it.

It is such a beautiful sport; the perfect mix of zen and intense adrenaline rushes. And I find it just as thrilling to watch and try to capture (and distill each image down to) the essence of the sport, especially the quiet moments that often don't get the press or attention that riding the perfect wave gets.
Surfing No. 9Surfing No. 3Surfing No. 2Surfer No. 3Waiting No. 1Waiting No. 2Waiting No. 3Waiting No. 4Waiting No. 5Waiting No. 6Waiting No. 7Waiting No. 8Surfer No. 1Surfer No. 2Surfer No. 6Waiting No. 9Waiting No. 10Surfing No. 1Surfing No 9 by Cattie Coyle PhotographySurfing No 4 by Cattie Coyle Photography